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Some photos of the new reef tank... I picked up a crapload of corals yesterday at the PSAS's annual Bob Moore memorial frag swap and sale. I got 3 free corals in the raffle(everyone got a ticket, they drew tickets, and you got to go up in that order to pick your coral from the tanks... And repeated until everything was gone. Most people got 2-3). Also bought 4 corals from CherryCorals.com who flew from Michigan to attend the event. He had some super badass stuff, as he always does. I should of never found out that he took credit card. :P lol. Anyway, here's some pics.

New shot taken tonight after everything was moved from my 10gal to the new tank.

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Haven't updated in quite a while....

Day before V-day, my mom's horse Buck broke one of his legs badly and had to be put down. Was very sudden. Put a bit of a damper on Valentines day...

For V-day, Mike took me to Jimmy Macs where I gorged myself on a 26oz FUCKING AWESOME prime rib. Then we went and saw Wolfman, which was awesome. He pulled a sneaky ninja, and while I was sitting in the theater, he ran all the way across the mall to the Japanese stuff store and bought me a stuffed Yoshi that is about the same size I am. Online its listed at the 50" giant plush. How badass is that. He also got me a little ruby heart pendant/necklace that has a little devil tail and horns around the ruby heart. Its pretty cute and I really wanted it.

I bought a nice reef tank and all the fixin's with my tax return... A 34gal Cureent USA Solana, with a Current Sundial 250w HQI W/2 36w PC actinics fixture. Have a couple bags of Hawaiian Black live sand, and all my liverock wrapped in newspaper in a cooler waiting for me to get the tank up today or tomorrow. Been cherry picking live rock from the Fiji/Tokani shipments for the past couple weeks, and they've been sitting in the 300gal display's sump at work curing over the past week or two so they should be ready to go. Nice clean and white now.

Spent all of last night mounting the light hanging arms, and fixing up/taking apart the light fixtures... Got the lights on ebay from a dude, who didn't do what he said he was gunna do, and drill out the rivets holding his custom T5 retrofits to the main light fixture. So I had to do that. Complicated by the fact that he didn't pack the fixture very well, And UPS totally FUCKED UP the box in shipping. The whole top of the box was crushed, and one whole edge of the box was ripped out. The frame holding the T5s is bent to shit, and all of the T5 bulbs were broken. I don't know WHY the dude didn't take the bulbs out before he packed it for shipping. Luckily the bulbs were old and I have to replace them all anyway, and I wasn't planning on using the T5 retrofit anyhow. So that piece has since been removed and has been chucked back into the shitty shipping box...

So as of right now, the tank looks exactly like this:

Work is going good(obviously), this friday we have a HEEUGE frag swap that Cy is sending all us employees too. I donated some coral frags out of my existing tank. Basically everyone who goes gets a raffle ticket... They draw the raffle tickets out of a bucket, yell out the number, and that person gets to come up to the tanks and pick out their free coral. And this goes on over and over again for about 6 hours. lol. I guess last year most people got 3-4 free corals, and this year there's THOUSANDS of frags. The dude from CherryCorals.com is flying in to come to the swap, and is bringing some nice things with him. The whole thing is in memorial of a super nice guy named Bob Moore who died of cancer a few years ago... I guess he was a real keystone of the local reef keeping community and was always giving away frags out of his tank to new people... Sounds like a really nice guy. I guess Cy knew him and helped him out with his giant reef tank towards the end of his life.

Anyhow, thats about it... Off to get ready for the day.

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Anyone on my friends list want a big male Altolamprologus calvus(Wc Congo inkin around 5"), not for free though, a 2-3" Lamprologus cylindricus, a 3-4" Syndontis eupterus catfish, and/or a juvie Red Empress cichlid? All would need an african cichlid tank(well, cept the catfish), no other sorts of fish.